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   Drug screening department


The mission of this department is to develop and improve various HTS and HCS assays and to provide drug screening services and technical consultation to universities, research institutions and commercial entities nationwide. The technologies employed are of international standard and a comprehensive evaluation system is in place using molecular and cellular assays for primary screening and organ/intact animal experiments for verification. The department is equipped with advanced instruments and information management software, including Biomek ® FX, EnVision ™ Multilabel Reader, ArrayScan ™ and KinetiScan ™ cell imaging systems to name a few.  In order to set up a comprehensive technology platform, independent and collaborative research work are carried out to study and develop a variety of screening approaches, new detection techniques are emphasized. Based on different characteristics of enzymes, receptors or ion channels, homogeneous detection methods, with unique features such as high-efficiency, rapid turn-around, cost effectiveness and screening volume have increased significantly. In addition, novelty and practicability of screening assays are assessed periodically to formalize and standardize the screening procedures. The intellectual property interests of sample suppliers are fully protected via a series of internal regulations and contractual commitments such as ’Principles on Intellectual Property Rights Management’ and ’Confidentiality Agreement’.