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Screening compound libraries is the beginning and a vital step in drug discovery. It is essential to original and sustained innovation in drug research. Achievements in life sciences led to the elucidation of a crucial relationship between diseases and certain macromolecules, such as enzymes, receptors and ion channels to name just a few. These macromolecules are gradually replacing conventional screening methods and becoming primary targets for drug discovery. It known that among the 500 or so drug targets validated so far, 45% are receptors,


28% are enzymes and 5% are ion channels. Numerous molecular targets closely related to diseases will be unmasked and developed to novel drug screening assays as a result of advances in genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics. In order to strengthen China’s drug discovery capability, this department applies the world’s most updated technologies to establish various high-throughput/high content screening assays using targets relevant to the pathogenesis of major diseases that severely threaten the livelihood and health of the human. Large-scale, random drug screening campaigns and follow-up studies were carried out with an ultimate goal of discovering drug candidates of great promise and setting up related technology platforms.